@Forces That came out of nowhere, but I love it!💪🏽

The stuffing is real lol, i had to delete the bar work for the suspension just to fit the engine haha, ill made that later today, still left to do

  • Sparkplug cables
  • exhaust manifold
  • water resevoir and radiator placement and tubbing
  • steering servo placement and conection from the pump to the servo
    -rear shock bar work
  • cage improvements
  • transmision and tbox skidplate
    -better bikini top
    -rear jerry can and maybe a spare holder
    Imagen3.jpg Imagen2.jpg Imagen1.jpg

@Forces, That Willis is going to be Cool!!!!!

In Game , total Work 18 hours haha
now addons i think 2 more and 4 for texturing it to be as good as the older Willys
20190702123342_1.jpg 20190702123312_1.jpg 20190702123304_1.jpg 20190702123259_1.jpg

@Forces From the Future: its a old picture its actually done hahaha, im just making the rust and chiping the paint so it looks like it was picked from a salt water container and then painter again, following the same paint scheme, blue and green

wow amazing as always
Your work is pur art

I LOVE that Willis, it turned out awesome.

Sad news guy i finished the willys on july 2 at midnight and and was ready to upload yesterday for friends and for public today, but as you can see the goals were not meet, i spend the night in the ER and needed to be nebulized, today im going back to get some blod test and see whats going down with me, so far it started as a flu but got really bad, and i used to suffer from athsma

ill be uploading it to drive and sending it to some friends via email, this Willys will be public, i got no pics sadly 😞

@Forces Oh, sad to hear that. I hope you get better soon buddy!

@deathcoreboy1 said in Force19Mods:

@Forces Oh, sad to hear that. I hope you get better soon buddy!


Dang man, I hate to hear you're sick. I hope you get better soon. Hang in there.

Whats up guys, updates
I haven been feeling that good lately but got some more work done to the trucks
new 24hrs build (more ythan 24 but yeah)!
Youtube Video

based on this i built this (look at the little details like rims,steering wheel and much more haha)

Imagen1.jpg Imagen2.jpg Imagen3.jpg Imagen4.jpg
Updates on @ZIP-TIE GQ ute

Imagen5.jpg Imagen6.jpg Imagen7.jpg

updates on my health, I havent been that good lately, i spend most of the day with fever and i had to go back to the er becasue i started spiiting mucus with blood... taking it slow and getting some rest its what the doctor said, the blood is from my throath wich is quite hurt because of the coughing

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@Forces amazing detail, hope you feel better mate

Great work, as usual bud! Take it easy on yourself and get well soon!