@Forces LC is looking mint, cant wait.

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Updates on the ford, im going with diesel, i need rom to fit the steering box and other things i need to add and a v8 its taking allot of room in the bay.... ill problably model the engine and have it ready for any other truck

If physical size is the issue then a Diesel (V8 or inline 6) will be much larger than a Gas Big block V8. The Ford 460 gas big block is a very common engine for that body style F350. They often came from the factory that way so they fit very well.

@JustaFordGuy yeah but i need to fit a sterring box out of a deuce in the bay, so i decide to move the engine a bit more into the cab

another model to the quehue of turbo uploads lol

this colors dont forgive any poly flow issues
Preview2.jpg Preview1.jpg Preview3.jpg

Maybe go full hydro for the steering?

@JustaFordGuy its harder to animate, I made a full hydro on @SmarOneNine HHR TTC but its has some sinc issues when you start moving, i might try it if the deuce box is way to big lol

I'll have to take a look at the HHR again, I didn't notice it was full hydro. 😁

Another option may be using a Ford steering box and hydro assist.

@Forces Cherokee is my all time favorite jeep model. Looks Amazing. I guess you used the subsurf modifier. Nicely done!

@deathcoreboy1 nope lol, I use the bevel manually, takes longer but im lost when I use sub surface modifier

@JustaFordGuy Might try that too

@Forces WOW!!! I'm impressed you achieved these results manually beveling! It's a lot of work!

You'll make your life a lot easier if you go for subsurf but, on the other hand, your polycount will skyrocket.

@deathcoreboy1 I used to set my limit at 100k but so far im safe at 140k - 170k once in game, so far the gts 450 is holding good, it does shuts down/crashes when I render at full global ilumination with 200 samples wich is what is best for turbosquid, it didnt do that before now it does, even with latest drivers (Game Ready Drivers or Work Oriented Ones from the nvidia pages)

funny the pc i got gifted wasnt a i7 but more like a i5 2310 and a powerfull GeForce 210 512mb ddr3 (intresting fact I can use sistem ram to boost it to 2gb since both are ddr3)... still the gts 450 is better

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@Forces I can render it for you if you need me to. I'm on a GTX1070, i5 6600k, 16Gb RAM. Just set up the scene and camera and I'll render it whatever samples you need with everything cranked up. PM me if you're interested.

internet speed ☹ and my files reach the 150mb, but all good thanks for the offer man

the thing is that you can get really good hardware in venezuela the issue is getting the cash usd, so far i´ve had luck finding people who take paypal, i had a rx 580 2gb in my hands for a week, but had to turn it back because of my psu not being enough and also my mobo bios getting corrupted, @RCBuzz saved me on the mobo money and with the refund of the card i was able to get a working phone (mine died in the same week ...such a bad week everyting died or got damaged)
im saving and making deals to get the cash and then buy either a gt1030 or 1050, wich i can run with the 450psu (thermaltake) I have

and the other place i can get cash is colombia, but the route to the border is harsh and still cash issues (In some place i can get cash from paypal transfers)

yet still to cross the borders (brazil,colombia) you need a passport and ID (wich due my past protesting record) I dont have (passport) or cant update (id) yeah gotta fix a gear at a time to make the clock work and live with what i have... stay positive and work you way is what I say

modeling is my exit to the strugles we have in here and also a way to keep up with stuffs

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@Forces So sorry to hear that bud. I hope your country can find a way through.

Nice cars cars man, I see you're doing aussies mainly. Hey, what happened with that Willys Jeep you were working on?

Hey @nokadota The willis was finished on July 4 like planned i just havent been able to upload it
the never aroved ford, it keep getting updated because ford is being a ashole
who wants it just pm i dont care about turbo with this one

full interior,engine,drivetrain it has been remodeled 5 sick of it

Preview 1.jpg Preview 5.jpg Preview 4.jpg Preview 2.jpg Preview 6.jpg Preview 1 Wire.jpg Preview 4 Wire.jpg Preview 5 wire.jpg

20190729202511_1.jpg 20190729223602_1.jpg 20190731180741_1.jpg 20190731180803_1.jpg

Mod making is on thin ice, more info later, closest friend know about it

You know I LOVE the F350, I hate that Ford is giving you a hard time with it. It is quality work for sure and really deserves to be on Turbo.

You really have me worried with your last post, I hope everything is OK with you and your family.

@Forces it have a 367 and 392 gas engine. for diesel engine Caterpillar Brand from 177hp