@deathcoreboy1 I do them by eye, i try to get as many pics of them, be inside a truck or even pannels for sale on ebay or craiglists, same with engine

38s in tires lol perfect size on most full size suv, and 35s on most smaller suvs

@JustaFordGuy yeah, a slow going project but the 4link calculator throws good calculation with my setup atm hahaha so its on final stage on the front suspension, now the rear is another story, 18in dampers are way to big for its lift (6in) so ill do smaller ones

Hey guys news from a sinked in water and shaky city lol
yeah allot of rain and some small earthquakes and replicas, but im afraid for those in Florida because of the hurricane, be save friends

here are some of my latest works
2002 LandRover Discovery for RCbuzz DiscoEngine.jpg DiscoRear.jpg Land Rover Disco.jpg
Personal Projec Rocket Rod LC79
untitled3.jpg LC79WIth Trailer.jpg untitled.jpg
side things
Nissan PatrolGQ.jpg Wire1.jpg

4WDAction, yeah buddy! Haven't done anything to my PseudoSooty in a while, I should get at that while I recover from my laparoscopic cholecystectomy this week!

That's right man, hope everything went good, sooty man that's quite the truck can't wait to see it

@Mexican_420 said in Force19Mods:

laparoscopic cholecystectomy

What's that? don't sound too good. I hope you're fine buddy!

@Forces Amazing work bro! I love the details on the LandRover Discovery. The Rubber joint on the back door window is a nice touch. It really makes the difference.

I love that 79 Series, "Rocket Rod" and "Sooty" Sounds like I'm not the only one here that watches the 4WD Action guys on Youtube. 😁

@Mexican_420 , I hope you are doing well after your procedure.

We are bracing for what looks like a CAT 4 here in Florida, I hope it turns out better than our last one.😨

Cholecystectomy = gallbladder removal
Laparoscopic = minimally invasive procedure using fiberoptic camera
Old method was to make one big hole, reach in and yank that sucker out, now they use "scalpel and forceps on a stick" and a snake-cam, 4x10mm incisions instead.
Sore but okay so far. 🙂
Love that bunch, great blokes and great adventures! I'm on the east coast too, hope everything turns out well regarding the weather...

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@JustaFordGuy said in Force19Mods:

I love that 79 Series, "Rocket Rod" and "Sooty" Sounds like I'm not the only one here that watches the 4WD Action guys on Youtube. 😁

@JustaFordGuy aye you know i'm aussie right, of course i watch the lads 😉

@Mexican_420 hope all is well

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A few renders of the latest project i've been reworking FerdLifted.jpg Venom2019.jpg

We are Venom! 🕷
Love that truck, bro!

@deathcoreboy1 hahaha Venom (Chevy) is Hades little larger Brother and my Kodiak's Cousin, is was finished around february (I think), and its actually smars truck and since it got some really bad reviews from testes never got released sadly, quite a jewel for those who got to try it... the mods done to it and why i Call it my first design its because the Base is a quadcab, then i made it a long bed on Rockwell wide axles,with a Mopar V12 and rear bumper from a last gen Chevy SIlverado, lol its a long and wide truck, almost as wide as the western star or one of the Maz

That F350 is turning out awesome, I can't wait to give it a run.

@JustaFordGuy said in Force19Mods:

That F350 is turning out awesome, I can't wait to give it a run.

Ayup. I'm not even a Ford guy and that thing is a beast! 💪

Now on turbo
1990 Nissan patrol click image to see it
alt text

Wow, that little Patrol turned out nice.

yeah, and i have some more projects i cant release info about it yet haha, but its really good

also spintires is catching my eye again, if we get some better and detailed info about the friction settings and how to do it custom ill problably will be updating some trucks for it as well