Things in need of fixing (bugs and features)

So I have been playing for a couple hours today and there are a couple of things that are annoying and should be easily fixed and some things that are more serious and might be tough.

Some simpler things

  • Clicking your mapbutton when your map is open (at least in the plane) removes your marker instead of closing your map.
  • Sounds need to be added for picking up different things, switching fire-mode, wolves approaching, players parachuting etc.
  • Rebinding your crouch-key doesnt seeem to work.
  • Dragging scope from inventory to weapon drops the scope that is already attached, instead of putting it in the inventory, even when there is space in your inventory.
  • You can run straight through the airplanes in the lobby. Also, some groundtextures around the lobby area disappear when you get closer.
  • (Feature) Drops decent very fast, especially problematic since the plane flies so low that the drop is hard to spot if its not right next to you.
  • (Feature) Not being able to change controls from toggle to hold, etc.
  • (Feature) Tab not displaying enemy's inventory, instead you have to click F - also needed: UI element to clearly show what is on the body and what is your inventory (different colours maybe?).

Some more gamebreaking things:

  • Sometimes your weapon doesnt aim when you ADS, it zooms in, but weapon points in a different direction. Happen with the Saiga for me, when i tried to shoot even though my gun wasnt displaying, it shot 90degrees to my right instead of where I was aiming.
  • Ice skating: Sometimes the minimal amount of movement your character can do is too much to get through doors. Movement needs to be more snappy.
  • Your own footsteps sounds like three different people and changes. Footstep-sounds playing while you are mid air/standing still. It seems the own players footstepsounds should be client side but maybe isnt? Something is wrong with the game tracking your position.
  • Hit reg still slightly off. It seems to have improved greatly but still has long ways to go.
  • Sensitivity ramping up under certain stages of the game (like when you release your parachute, then it becomes very pronounced).
  • Sometimes when exiting the plane, the game freezes. Instead of calculating where you should be in relation to other players, it seems to freeze your character in place. This makes it so that players who dont have the lagspike get down to the ground quicker. Also, sometimes you get turned around when jumping out the plane.

I might edit this to add more things. Right now, there is a lot of issues, but Devs - if you polish this product it could become very interesting. Impress us! 🙂

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There are serious hit-reg issues with cars as well. If you exit a car that is barely moving at all and you are behind it you can get randomly killed instantly. The hit reg is super glitchy all around to be honest. And this is AFTER the post about them fixing it.