This game is absolutely atrocious, issues from last beta testing still recurring and havnt been fixed, vsync is better but still is a problem shots are not registering. The game is simply not optimized at all and i have a average high end pc that can run every game at 100 fps without dips this is including pubg and pubg as we know is poorly optimized too. I get around 70 fps with dips happening all the time when playing fear the wolves i have it on low and windowed which improved it slightly. Audio is hard to distinguish where they are coming from and a lot of times i hear my own footsteps to the right or left of me. Also when in a squad if the leader wants to change regions to eu its blocked by the chat window and we cant change region to eu. if im in game with a squad and they die and kick me from the squad i remain in game but i have a message that comes up telling me i have been kicked when i go to press okay it does nothing and when in inventory i cant loot or anything simply i cant use my inventory when this message pops up. The next issue also has been happening since last beta on the first day whenever you deploy out of the heli the game freezes and when it stops freezing your already close to the ground. What im getting at is this is really pathetic the fact that not much has improved in 5 days and you want to release the game in 2 days for $20 and if its taken you guys 5 days to fix a fraction of the problems since first beta you wont fix the problems come early access and this game will be another dead and broken Battle Royale game... and alot of people agree with me in saying they wont even pay $5 for this game unless some serious fixes come out in the next 2 days. In conclusion this game is no fun and gun play isnt satisfying at all and i have played alot of Battle Royale games so i have the experience. This is a big let down as i was very excited to play this game and get beta access but i highly doubt i will pay $20 for this game if it doesn't improve big time.