Bug Report

I have not run into very many bugs and glitches currently, but some of the main things i've run into are as of listed

  • Game freezes when jumping from helicopter
  • FPS drop from the planes/weather
  • Getting kicked out of game to the lobby, then returning to the game again.
  • Weapon not appearing in hands (I know you can drop it and pick it up to get your weapon again)

Things I think could use work

  • Weapon damage balancing
  • Fists damage should be lowered
  • Vehicles are clunky

@toxicturtul said in Bug Report:

Fists damage should be lowered

ye. perhaps. I also think so. that you can reduce the impact of the kulaks. damage. since it looks a bit not realistic. although this is done. You have weapons. with your fists you are not so without an armory. ))

collision issues controller support would be nice

parachute system is a little fooky

I think the wolves are bugged sometimes especially while they are at the houses are near it

fear the wolves wouldnt lanch with my asus aura sync lighting program also dosnt seem to respond much to cross fire or amd as a whole ??

I killed two players in the lobby while we were waiting for the start.