first of all, thanks for the opportunity to playtest this game! I think there are some things I really like and some things that still feel a bit off.


  • I like that I can see my ping on all servers.
  • The guns are auto reloaded when you pick them up.
  • I really like the weather, it adds some atmosphere and something different. I don't think the text showing that the weather has changed and what it does is necessary though. The visuals and sounds are enough, and you can see effects on the screen.

Con's and suggestions:

  • My biggest complain are the footsteps. I get that my player makes a footstep sound every time he hits the floor with his foot, but it seems like my player is using to much footsteps to get around. When my player goes from walking to standing still there is an initial 3 footsteps for him to slow down and stop. In a game where you relay a lot on hearing other players this doesn't seem right. Also please make sure the footsteps coming from your player are not panned to left and right. Sometimes I think there is someone running next to me but it's just my own footsteps. I also seem to hear my own footsteps while jumping.
  • The FPS on my PC seems a bit inconsistent. I think someone with a worse set up than me will probably have a lot of problems with their FPS (I'm on a Ryzen 1600x 16GB Ram and Geforce 1060 6GB )
  • The gunplay feels a bit off. I think it's because it feels "floaty". The guns don't feel like they have a lot of weight to them.
  • The inventory could use some work. It feels a bit unclear. Especially when looting other players.
  • I have my sensitivity on 2% it seems like the lowest point might not be low enough for some players.
  • Driving the car is really hard, it doesn't feel right and after bumping into a picket fence I couldn't move the car anymore.
  • The last thing is more of a question. In one of my games I got killed by "Anomaly" I don't know if it was a player called that or something else, but I don't think there was anyone around, I didn't see any wolves and I was not in an orange zone.

I hoe this will help you guys. Good luck!