Since the closed beta went down and today what has changed? Loot is alittle better I guess but fps is still ridiculously low, an fov slider doesn't exist, mouse input is still terrible, freezes jumping from the plane, freezes in the menu ect. to me nothing technically speaking has been improved at all.

Islands of nyne just released and has significantly less problems than this game in terms of pure technical issues and it's still basically dead. This will be the same price, look worse, plays worse so this will be worse of than that game. It also makes me physically sick to play with the current state it is in (starting to get a headache after 1 full match getting to top 5 due to low fps, low fov and input lag).

I like the game when it is working and would love it if it was playable, but if you release in 2 days all my interest in the game will be lost and I will not be alone in that since noone will be playing it.

My other post is clear points on what to do before you release into early access so I wont bother repeating them. Just delay the game because you wont make any money, anyone who purchases this will immediately refund the game.

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