General Overview of issues after a few matches

First of all the dynamic and overall idea behind the game is very interesting and is something I enjoy, been looking forward to playing this for some time.
Now on to the nitty gritty,
-First of all this game needs much optimization, I am running a good setup,
i7 5820k oc@4ghz
32gb ddr4 3000
2 GTX 1080's SLI (tried sli and disabled sli no change in game performance)
27" 144hz 1ms AHVA monitor connected via DisplayPort cables
with all this is still had much stutter, rubberbanding and some lag/momentary freezing all with my ping maintained anywhere from 12ms to 36ms, averaging around 23-25ms on the NA server. The game never crashed and always caught back up.

-Secondly, I changed the graphics from high settings to medium then to low and it ran worse. Ran framerates from 40- 130fps usually hanging around the 50-54fps range, ( I clipped a match video using Nvidia overlay as well if interested. As well as screenshots of rig component lists on Nvidia & Windows) Any time there was high graphics rendering I would get stutter. So far collision detection and all around collision wrapping I haven't experienced any issues with any meshes etc.

-Another strange issue I noticed is that upon game launch it doesn't lock my mouse into the game. I run multiple displays and sometimes I would see my cursor on my second screen. This may explain some issues with people not being able to ADS or shoot if they are running multiple displays as well.

Most other issues I've encountered seem to already have been noted. I hope you will put Early Access on hold to optimize some more, would not be exciting to have another H1Z1 or PUBG on our hands. PM me if you would like any screenshots or capture video.

Update have had a few instances of controls not registering in regards to firing a weapon, would fire my handgun but not my smg, would swap back and forth and still no fire. Helped me die a little early on lol.