Improved Camera **added how to get hotkey for cabin view

**See next post for hotkey method

REQUIRES SpintiresMod to work in MP

I edited the camera xml to give it a bit more zoom, at least by moving the mouse, not scrolling (not sure how to adjust the scroll zoom). Also took most of the horizontal "play" out and adjusted the vertical a bit.

Not sure how the camera works with controller, but this seems to work well with a mouse anyways. The autozoom at the garage only changes the scrollable zoom, so if you have the camera out further but zoomed in, it will not auto zoom at the garage/fuel station.

Install like Tatoo's gearbox. Let me know what you guys think. I can tweak it more if needed.

Download from Google Drive

Download from DropBox

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I now have a hotkey for my cabin camera. You can hex edit the userprofile.stu file (in mudrunner appdata) to get one too 🙂 The hotkeys are at the bottom of the file paired together "Q/0", "X/8" for primary/secondary keys and are spaced 10 apart from primary to primary. Cabin camera is 10 spaces after the 2 for trailer camera where mine is now set to 3 (HEX 33)

Or you can just wait for the next patch lol.... It's really not that hard to hex edit though with HxD free hex editor. Anyways, just something to do while we wait on the next patch 🙂

Just make sure you back up your profile, so you don't lose all your progress in case you mess something up. I think HxD auto backs the file up though, so it shouldn't be a problem.

hello cab camera hotkey

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Hi @Justcallmeow,

This is an incredible amount of work you've done to enable hotkeys for cockpit view, thank you!

I just wanted to let you know that we'll actually be adding an official way to do this in the next update to Spintires: MudRunner, releasing on PC this week.



Awesome 🙂 I saw it was announced for the upcoming patch, just was not sure how soon it was coming. Thanks for the info!

@justcallmeow, What's the hotkey for? To get into the cabview? I know 1 is get out of it.


Yeah, I always set mine as 3 to go into cab view while using cruise, I don't really like having to click to get in cab view, and you can't click while in cruise anyways.

I'm hoping there is a winch disconnect coming with the patch too, or maybe one hidden in the controls somewhere... if not we might have to wait until it's added with spintiresmod

@justcallmeow, oh ok, thanks. I don't know all the hotkeys. I know in ST+, I think, the hotkey was x to un-hook the winch. That was convenient. It would be great if PZ would add the features of ST+ because that made the game more manageable. Hopefully this other guy can do magic for MR+. 🙂

Oh but, do you use the keyboard? I know you can un-hook using the controller which isn't too bad. I use it all the time.


Yeah, I use mouse/kb. I really suck at clicking the X to disconnect the winch lol. I like using mouse/kb though, not sure I would like using a controller.

@justcallmeow, Oh, ok. I thought so. I've always been a mouse/kb player in the past, I'm a Quake player from way back in the 90's, but since arthritis kicked in my hands, I find the controller easier to use. Way easier on the hands.

I can also feather the gas pedal with the controller where I can't do that using kb.

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Actually @Tattoo I do believe pressing X on the keyboard was just in the original game, it was not added by ST+
Do not understand why they removed that feature.

@sodoma Really 😮 I was so sure my idiot friend who cannot install anything by himself was using it without ST+
My bad.