The concept for this game in my opinion is really cool! I just feel as if the extraction makes the game a little too easy. I don't think players should be able to extract until last 5 players or last 3 squads, depending on the mode of choice. Also there should be something slow you down from hitting the helicopter other than players, not all zones are close by the time helicopter reaches and in some cases, you can be across the map while someone is extracting. Maybe make the helicopter come in a 2x2 area with all other grids closed, or just a smaller zone and force the players towards the helicopter. Honestly anything to make the game a bit more difficult. Early game is honestly the hardest, but once you have guns you can easily sit back wait for players get easy picks and just extract. Maybe have more wolves spawn around the helicopter. I don't know, anything about making the game win feel more achieving not just getting a gold star for spelling a word right in the 3rd grade.