End of match idea. - Multiple ways to win!

Hey all,

I just wanted to suggest that you have two ways to win. The first way to win is just like the rest of the BR games "Be the last person standing". The second way would be to extract of course, but in a different way.

For the extraction part you should have a flare gun on the map that doesn't spawn till a bit latter after the map shrinks a bit. Once the map shrinks enough you will see a Orange flare gun box some place in the map. You fire the flare gun off and the extraction comes to that location.

At this point everyone on the map is now aware of an extraction going on and will head to that spot. However you have the ability to shoot down the helicopter leaving the game to be won by the last man standing. It add's a bit more flair to the game.

Side addition. I would also like to see key hidden across the map that open up caches laid across the map. In those caches is at least 1 great weapon or piece of gear. This will on add another element to the game that will keep things fresh and interesting.

good idea

bit you should extract with something...a sample of some alien material....some zone artifact....something along those lines....

and it should be in a different game mode than the classic kill all players imo

tailors so well to the stalker lore this concept

u should extract with something...an artifact...a sample of alien material ..etc

shooting down the helicopter is an excellent idea...

pls devs add more concepts that tailor to the stalker lore more ,...instead of just a classic BR game

довольно интересно. сбивать вертолет?
значит дать рпг игроку. тем самым гемплей игры поменяется.
исход игры может быть совсем разным.
отсрочить эвакуацию. второй задачей будет стрелять всех. чтобы остаться одним живым. последним.

можно добавить воздушный шар. который бы мог тебя поднять. увезти из зоны. или что то подобное. если даже это плохая идея . то с воздушного шара можно вести стрельбу. до эвакуаций.

@neur0tix said in End of match idea. - Multiple ways to win!:

what? english?

pretty interesting. to shoot down a helicopter?
it means giving an RPG to the player. thus the game's gemplay will change.
the outcome of the game can be very different.
delay the evacuation. the second place will shoot everyone. to remain one alive. last.

you can add a balloon. which could lift you. take away from the zone. or something similar. even if it's a bad idea. then a balloon can be fired. before evacuations

Sori I have a bad english