Here are some of my highly anticipated/desired changes and suggestions for the game.

  • I would think it would be a positive change to have the vertical mouse movement be more properly in harmony with the horizontal mouse movement. It is quite a drastic difference between the two when you try to look up/down than when looking side to side, throwing your aim off in many instances.

  • This may already be a work in progress, but the FOV in game is very limited and it makes the game feel very constricted. Making this an option to change in settings would be a very positive thing.

  • Making loot more diversified throughout the different buildings. What I mean by this is having similar loot or weapons spawn in every type of building, not just more powerful guns and of course more of a chance of even finding a gun in bigger buildings. Just maybe of course at a different rate. Basically what I'm getting at is that by having good guns actually spawning in smaller villages or houses (with a compromise of the rate of these good guns spawning) rather than only spawning in big main cities would be a positive, more balanced change.

  • Having possible loot be able to be collected from killing wolves (unless this is already a feature that I am not aware of). Even though they are easy to kill, having some sort of item being dropped by wolves when killed would add a bit more to the game.

  • Improving the parachuting system. I feel that if parachuting was to be improved, it would be a major step forward for the game , mostly because it is quite choppy and hard to effectively get around longer distances. Many areas on the map are not accessible by means of dropping from the heli off the start of the game. While parachuting, you are not able to go side to side or look around, only to move forward. Also making it so that while you are skydiving or parachuting, being able to move faster or farther would scatter players across the map much more, making it a more fair and enjoyable experience.

  • Adding the ability to look around. Other games of course have this feature, which adds alot to a player's knowledge of their surroundings, making the game more competitive and enjoyable. This feature would also work along very well with an improved parachuting mechanic as I explained, as it would be easier for players to see who is dropping nearby them.

  • Adding a toggle feature for different controls. For controls such as sprinting, crouching and especially ADS, having a toggle feature would make this more adaptable for many players to fit their needs. As well with this, possibly adding a prone feature (that could be toggled or held) into the game would be a very positive addition / change to movement within the game.

  • More indications / hints. Having some sort of system that could provide hints as to what anomaly possibly means or what you need in order to survive that anomaly could give alot of new players help into starting the game. Also having hints as to what is damaging you or how you can prevent it, which of course goes along with the anomalies.

  • Improving the inventory layout. The inventory graphics-wise makes sense and the concept in understandable after having a lot of experience with it. For many though, getting to know where each item is (such as the ground, in a body crate or whats actually in your inventory) when you are looking in the inventory and where they can all go is very confusing. Also, it is not very efficient for moving items around quickly. Having a clearer indication of how full your inventory is including or excluding a backpack would also improve the inventory by a lot.