The following are bugs that I have noticed in my gameplay.

  • Frequent random stuttering of the screen. For brief periods, the environment (possibly?) stutters and glitches for singular randomized frames. The only way I can describe it is as a random image or area on the map appearing for split seconds.

  • Crashing while pressing escape while in inventory. (sent the report when the game crashed and the dialog box popped up)

  • Extreme freezing while exiting the helicopter, as well as the game sometimes turning my view to a random spot. Keep in mind my computer is very beefy.

  • Vehicles are very difficult to steer (high latency delay while pressing A or D) and the audio is extremely choppy. Also vehicles are barely able to be heard until they are in the same distance as when you are able to hear another player walking near you.

  • While parachuting, it is possible to look into your body aswell as snap your neck backwards and invert your view. Also, the parachute stays mid-pull animation after it is pulled, but is also accompanied by the proper parachute (in turn leaving 2 'parachutes' visible)