Reward System / Consumables / Healing


Since an Apothecary is vital and one is not always available we need a different way to heal but one that is less effective than an Apothecary. I have had a few ideas on the matter.

  • A reward system based on Kills that fill the Fevour bar and result in a heal when filled.
  • There could be a passive 1% health gained every X seconds (simulate space marine regenerative abilities).
  • A skill that is unlocked or weapon that grants health on strike.
  • Consumables "repair paste" that are dropped by enemy's that can give small repairs when used. Can carry a limited amount.
  • Interact with Servo Skulls around the map that will give you a small repair.

Thanks for reading and any input / opinions on the idea's.



If there were different ideas for consumables like damage buffs/defense buffs/ability cooler-downer-thingeys
They could be implemented as micro-transactions if that is something you were looking at to make some extra revenue.

I would buy things like this depending on how much and what they are im sure others would, but im sure some would see it as "Pay to win" - But an idea to get around that is to allow a free "daily amount" for everyone and allow people to purchase EG: "100x MediPack for $0.99 "
And as its not a competitive PVP game there is no issue of player on player balance issues.

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There is an Apothecary(Medic) Class, why do you want to put Money for Medikits.... Makes no sense!

If you need people for playing so you can be healed, feel free to join me!

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