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you could also rotate the teams that get a bye in the first round

Would'nt it be the same issue than their first season 11 attempt ?

I would Imagine they will rotate anyway, except for stunty teams. And I can't see the issue if not, would simply mean theses teams deserves this little boost.

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Would'nt it be the same issue than their first season 11 attempt ?

the issue i saw with their attempt was that 8 teams don't get a spot based on merit but based on playing a certain race...
the 24 teams already qualified based on merit
could also assign those 8 teams that get a bye during the match up drawing after the season is over at random

There are administrative problems with byes due to the way the ticketing system works within competitions. We'd effectively need at least two rounds of accepting teams in order for it to work, and this can be one of the longest parts of the contest. We're working with a limited timeframe as it is.

As I see it the 24 teams would get a ticket at the same time as they do today.

The eight lowest teams woud be in a 16 knock-out bracket waiting for round 2.

So that it would only need 8 coachs to take their tickets for the "second round of accepting team", players that :
-have qualified
-have validate a first ticket in time
-have won a knock-out match

If THAT is possible, i doubt such coachs would need a week to come to see which of the "lowest team" they have to beat up.

I'm not saying it can't be done, simply that it's more complex. Bearing in mind we've only just moved to 32 teams to see how the timings work I'm loathe to commit the Cup admins (I don't deal with the cup) to anything which potentially adds to that time. That would be up to them.

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If you want to keep the diversity aspect in the ladder (which I agree is at least somewhat important to the game), then the only real answer I see is to properly incentivize the playing of weaker races in a way that is proportional to the incentive you have to play the stronger races.

As Seanny as pointed out, it is bad logic to assume that a better chance at a playoff spot is a relevant incentive. Im sure some of us take some pride simply in qualifying too, but obviously the biggest incentive that exists in this entire format is the chance to win $500. Not life changing money obviously, but a heck of a lot more than most of us are ever going to make playing any other video game. So ultimately, the objective for most people who care about making the playoffs isnt just to make the playoffs. The objective is to actually win something once they are in the playoffs. Adding additional wildcard spots for crappy teams doesnt significantly improve those crappy teams' likelihood of winning the big prizes.

A few possible solutions have already been mentioned in this thread. Giving out some nominal money or other prize for the top finisher of each race would probably help, but to actually make a big shift toward parity, there's gotta be some kind of chance for the stunty teams to win a big prize, closer to the level of what all the tier 1 races are competing for.

You could run a separate stunty cup along side the regular playoffs, and give out wildcards etc to fill out the regular field of 20 teams or whatever it is that are considered non-stunty, and then taking X number of stunty teams + stunty wildcards for a 8 or 16 man stunty cup.

Or you keep things as they are now, with 32 teams of all races represented in the regular cup, but then as the stunties get eliminated, they go into some kind of consolation-bracket tourney where they compete for the stunty championship. You could run this a few different ways too - for example, just having it be last stunty team standing in the regular cup, and if two or more teams end up "tying" for being eliminated in the same round, they play a quick swiss-style against each other, or something like that.

The other thing I agree with is that the format of the ladder overall is very favourable to the more durable and violent teams, so as long as clawpomb remains as effective as it is now, that probably wont change. I think there is a point to be made for the rez format (although I personally dont like it), but I think there are some changes taht could be made to how claw, MB and PO work together that would be fair and better for the game overeall

tl;dr - people care a lot more about a chance to actually win the tourney/prizes, rather than just making the playoffs, so any incentives for specific races need to be planned accordingly. And clawpomb is OP in this format.

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I agree with the three principles exposed. I admire the way they are implemented and love the Champion Ladder and Champion Cup as they are (I disagree with that Claw-teams-have-advantage-moan).

But I understand the Dilema that the new amount of teams brings on the Wildcards system.

My constructive proposal would be to roll dices:

If the 8 Wildcard races are randomly decided right after the end of each season people will try to get those second places of each race and hope for the best. Blood Bowl players are gamblers, we will love it... and the very raffle will become an event.

I would prefer Chus's proposition rather than the actual system.

At least it would force all coachs to really fight for the 1st place of their own kind, which is supposed to be the CCL goal.

The downside would be that we would have some second rank low tier team, whose coach maybe didn't try to qualify and would even not know he has been "choosen".

I still think reducing the qualifying places to 24, one per race would be a good try.

The best would be to offer some money to every 24 coachs (like 50€) to be a real incentive to diversity.

For sure having console players in the same ladder would be also best, in order to allow to upgrade the prizes.

Hello Guys, I'm qualified as best chaos team. So what next?

@mr-light-89 you should have received an email directing you to enroll with the CCC Discord server,
let me know when you're on there & i can grant you scheduling access.