The Game need immediately for duo/triple/squad a compass. It is very hard when a mate say " wooooaaah left left of me there is some one i need help " and you think only aaargh some coordinate would be nice to help faster.
Further the game need for duo/triple/squad more loot rather more weapons.

Further the bug jump out of chopper and get a freeze screen need to fix immediately!! Or let me say : It need to be fixed NOW !
It reduced heavly the game experience and you will get to much negative feedback because of this bug and also to much negative ratings by steam, i guess.
Further the wolves are little bit bugged to. They come from nothing and disappear as they come.
Further the drops from randrom anomaly is now to much in normal areas.
the weather system is nice 🙂 i love it ^^ looking forward for some more features. this weather system was a great idea.
Further i would recommend that i can change grafic settings and sound also changes for the keyboarb

Sometimes the server has some lags but runs better since last week. here you have a good way just to work on it a little bit more 🙂