Black screen


I'm a french player so i'm sorry for my bad english.

When i launch the game, the game lunch without problem i can watch the movie "focus", vostok" and "unrealengine" after i'm in the loading screen and after i have a black screen i can listen the sound of the lobby i think but i'm in black screen and the only solution it's a alt+f4 for go back to window.

My pilot driver it's the actual, my config: i7 4790K + 16go ddr3+ nvidia 1080.

Please help me because i'm afraid that this bug will be here when the game will be open to buy.


There have been a few guys in the discord that had this issue, myself included. I don't even get as far as you (no logo movie etc, just pitch black directly). Tried everything (re-install game, driver update etc, in the end I even went so far as I completely re-install the whole OS haha..), all other games work fine. As I'm on an AMD card, i'ts unlikely to be graphic card drivers. Never saw any solution in the forums/discord. But devs should be aware that there are several people having this issue.


Ok, so I found the solution to my issue at least, I needed the windows feature pack. Some European "N" version of windows does not come with the Media Feature pack that the standard home version does. Download at ->

Remind the devs that I never got any error msg or anything, and all other games works fine. After installing the pack I can now start the game.