Serious loot buff needed

Each game i have played i have just found pistols even when i have entered thew silver and golden zones. The only none pistol i have found was a mini uzi after looting the whole of a silver zone. I landed in the vehicle cemetery and found 2 pieces of loot none of which was a gun. When you land in the none golden or silver zones you can only find pistols i understand that the reason is for people to land in the names locations but surely AR's SMG's etc should not just be limited to those zones.

I agree its just pistols everywhere. and maybe the odd uzi. some better loot drops would be nice

Em. I would suggest in the future developers to add to the game more varieties of pistol pistol pistols.
I also want them to add. powerful pistols. digl. revolvers. and other pistols. even clamping. with a large magazine of cartridges. such as tech9 and Czech.

эм. я бы предложил в будущем разработчикам добавить в игру больше разновидностей пп писталетов пулеметов.
так же хотел бы чтоб они добавили. мощные писталеты. дигл. револьверы. и прочие писталеты. даже зажимные. с большим магазином патронов. такие как тек9 и чешка.