Fear The Wolves New Early Access Date

hi i just registered for the beta i hope i get to give soome insight and help this game forward looks good so far

Wise decision . If you focus on optimalization and servers for the rest of this year, then come back with early Access on steam. My gues first half of 2019 for Early access. You need very ,very good launch on steam!!! Good luck

The game has great potential, but I have some doubts. So I have some questions:

How will you fund the game servers etc. in the future?

Do you plan microtransactions?

Which tickrate has the servers at the moment?


Simple Report


1: With sales of the game.

2 - We do not.

3 - I don't know offhand, but I'll do my best to find out for you.

I agree with the last guy I would like a beta key too