Prespective On South East Asia

hello sir/madam,

I'm Munky_shnubbs, i'm from Asia maybe represent Asia on playing this game, i don't know maybe someone is out there also testing the game out. But I'm going to share you my perspective on playing this game. The game was awesome to be honest, just i'm having problem on finding the game having a Asia Region or somewhere close. I found OCEANIA is the best for me as the Ping of the game is low and it provide me easy to play it because it gave me around 35 M/S. Sadly there only, 2 or 3 people is there queuing inside the game. Aside from that is only the FPS of the game and Audio setting is really needed in the game as its too loud on my side. So i place it inside my channel regarding the game that i play in my channel. Not trying to promote my channel. Just i don't have any converter for the video to reach your requirement. (my perspective playing it from Asia)

Hey, here is my advice - just spread the words about this game.
Talk about this game with your friends, teammates from other games or you can simply, just as I did, create some fan pages on social sites you got there.

Marketing is atm probably orriented on EU/NA region. It was always like that. BUT, maybe Iam wrong I dunno. 🙂

EDIT: I forgot to mention that but check out official Discord server. There is plenty of asian players

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