Crane on trailer issue on "Restore"

Hi I made a small crane on a trailer and it works very good but if I click on reset the trailer flips/jump and fly through the map! I can move the crane itself and everything is working until I hit "reset" also its not possible add a camera (AddonCamera) you can see it on the screenshot


Crane is working

Crane is working

My question: Is this a game limitation or something else. Is it a mesh error which let the trailer fly or an xml issue?


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@voto-1979, It's a game issue. That happened when I made a plow for Zidon. I had to make it an add-on because it did that.

@tattoo ... thank you for the answer! Do the developer know that bug?

@voto-1979 said in Crane on trailer issue on reset!!:

Do the developer know that bug?

I have no idea on that one. sorry.

Hi there!

Yes, we are aware of the bug, and it's something we're looking into.

there seams also a other bug ... which cause the game to crash ...
If I open the grappler near the ground the game crash!

default position

If the "Grappler" is closed i can touch the ground

If I open the grappler ....

... and come near the ground the game crash

Found the last issue or at least avoid the crash!



Having set the "BoneGrappler_cdt" collision from "none" to "internal" solved the issue!


That looks cool Voto. I hope you get it worked out.

Just in case ... nobody ask: Is it possible to turn off the "restore" function in the xml?
I just uploaded the crane trailer into the workshop ... for testing purpose.



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There is a solution / thanks to "Den Huan" (Steam-name) who give me a hint 🙂
The RESTORE button can be deactivated by leaving "Affected Frames" empty!


That's very cool voto. Thank man!!

@tattoo said in Crane on trailer issue on reset!!:

That's very cool voto. Thank man!!

🙂 no problem ...

it would be cool if the forum for modder would be divided in maps/ and truck mods, where only topics can be listed which are questions, tutorials or solutions. No requests, promotions or random stuff. That we have a better overview and better access to general solutions.

BUG ....
If you load a trailer (with logs) ... the trailer "foot" jumps always into "park" position.

If you can find no logging trailer (with foot) for testing

0_1514880458428_Screenshot (82).jpg
0_1514880483724_Screenshot (83).jpg
0_1514880508044_Screenshot (84).jpg