Great tutorials for the Editor

For anyone new to the game that wants to make maps. I've watched this through and agree with everything, and they know what they're doing.

MudRunner: Map Editor Tutorial Part-1

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There were a few things I feel like he missed.. I still have no idea what the seed in distribution is.
And even though he covered it I did not feel like he showed it very well how to blend 3 or more materials. I did make a tutorial on that though
Youtube Video

Anyways Great videos guys, I did learn a few things 🙂

I've now pinned this post, thank you both!

Nix's tutorials helped alot for sure and i learned a couple things from the materials video as well , however im still not understanding the materials thing? I cant figure out how to get the dirt close to the concrete and get rid of the sharp overlay edge?

alt text

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It's impossible. You cant ever have three materials in one grid square.


Wait. actually. You can fix this by making the cement mtrl have dirt instead of grass. then, on the dirt/grass one, paint a border around it. That "should" work.

Make a new material "concrete to dirt" then set your opacity on that problematic tile with that new material. It will make the whole tile dirt, then you mask the concrete texture from that new material back where you originally wanted it...
I always make inverse materials just in case I run into that. If I make a dirt-moss, I'll also make a moss-dirt as well. Takes a bit of messing around, but it's worked for me so far...

PS - 32x32 trail map is nearly complete! Testing everything and packaging it up today, hopefully! 😃

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Sweet. @Mexican_420
I have a map currently ready.

Kool thanks guys ill try some of this in a bit.

Thanks for the tutorials my first simple map worked ok my second the editor crashed .the third time I am having fun with the material I am doing ok but need to get more practice

THis is what i was following, but i keep on getting could not load dx9 etc or cannot load mud substance params, they wouldnt go away like he says in the videos... i end up with a SKY but a black screen.

@smaronenine I had some issues getting more than 2 materials to work together but I finally got them to cooperate together. Hit me up if you're still having this issue. I can help.

@gumbootgambler ive kinda got the hang of it myself however if i run into problems all ive been doing lately is seperating the materials with like water gaps and something lol

@smaronenine for me I wasn't unchecking the maps base material opacity when adding a new material so it would change everything on my map. (I almost gave up) You may know this already but if you're trying to get two materials to lay next to each other they would both need to have 1 material the same so they can mix together. In your photo it would be grass and if you followed Nix's tutorial Dirt is grass and grass is dirt (opposite) so it can get confusing. I saved my map and played with it for a while and got it to work

0_1515192859987_concrete to dirt.PNG

@gumbootgambler Nice Man! add me on steam if you want we can talk on there.

In a attempt to make something original can anyone help me with any of the following topics or point me to a tutorial?

I have and 3DMax but I'm just learning both of them so please start from scratch.

-Importing custom materials, dirt, forest, soil ect.
-Custom signs and rock model textures
-Custom distributions, adding different plants and changing seeds
-Custom overlays

Thanks guys!

@gumbootgambler, I have a bunch of 3dsMax Tutorials on YouTube that will help ya.

@tattoo Thanks man, you got a link to your channel?

@tattoo nevermind, didn't see the hyperlink. Thanks