Open Beta? More keys? Free Access?

Hey guys,
might not be a bad idea to do an Open Beta now or even free access stress test as your servers are currently empty. It's been 6 hours from now I was sitting in matchmaking and there is like 15-30 people in all 3 regions all together. I understand Closed Beta is limited just for a bunch of people, your servers might not be that big yet to handle thousands of people ect. What you need to understand is that there is nobody testing anything, nobody playing, nobody stressing the servers. You need to giveaway more keys. You need to do Open Beta or any other to actually get people inside the game to play it, even if it has to be for free. I mean, it already cannot get any worse. Your Closed Beta servers are empty. Half keys you give away are going to wastage. Some people try it for an hour and delete the game, some dont even bother, some dont check junk folder in their emails, some people apply with 5000 emails and then trying to sell those keys and none buys them.

If you want to do Beta tests before Early Access, you need players. Overloading the servers is the goal here that you have failed at. Its not too late yet tho. Do something about it.

Thank you, love your game. Hopefully see you in there soon.

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I agree...Just can't seem to get into a game


Been in NA queue for around 25 minutes and there is now less people searching than when I started.

Im an OCE player and there is hardly any point in NA and OCE servers existing if theres no one even to play on them. I shouldn't be forced to play on EU servers where my ping is 400+ at the best of times and ultimately just be a free kill and throw away.

Bumping again.
New Beta Phase came in and we cannot test the game as none is playing.
I have one simple question, how do you BETA without players? I just dont get it...

But really,shall give away tons of keys,otherwise those having them already wouldve been waiting Quite a time to find a match at best,uninstalling the game at worst,already seen some speaking the way that this game isnt worth the time for not at least.i myself waited for nearly 3 hours to get into my first today´s match,second was easy as just in case nearly all of us stayed for the other round.

Ain't no Beta without players ... I just fail to see what is the strategy here lol...

More people to the test! Usually queue where 40minutes, sometimes 20mins EU. Usually games didn't even start at morning or noon. And when we finally got to the game there were only 60-70 people playing. So once match ends a new game starts...

does anyone need a key for the game? I have a second key.