World Cup Format

Following the first games of this world cup I cant help to feel that a BO1 is to harsh.
What if just adding a losers bracket? Then it could still be BO1 but giving coaches slapped in the face with dicing another chance.
And it would not add a lot of management for the admins.

So, losers bracket= every player that loses a game gets 1 new chance and faces the loser from the closest bracket all the way to the final.

Maybe for the next WC?
gogogo WC 2020!!!

We did a similar thing over at BBTactics for qualifiers. It worked there because we had 2 tickets so the winner of the winners bracket got a ticket and the winner of the losers bracket got a ticket. If you do a grand final between the winner of the winners bracket and the winner of the losers bracket that extends the whole tournament by a good month with the winner of the winners bracket having to wait that month for the losers bracket to play out. I don’t think that lends itself to a compelling tournament.

The loser bracket would run parallel with the the normal bracket.
So after week one you´d have half of the players moved to the loser bracket nuking it out all the way to the final, giving it a "double final" the loser of the first final faces of against the winner of the loser bracket so far and then the winner of that match plays the winner of the Final in the grand de lux Final. So it could be the same two players in both finals making it for an even more loaded final.

I know Dreamhack have used this format for starcraft 2 games.

It means that the first round doesn’t mean anything as it is literally a seeding round and it doesn’t mitagate a dicing as it has no effect on the actual knockout rounds.

It might even encourage people to lose the first round to get on to the easy side of the draw.