So i had a long waiting screen when the game was loading which was expected but when it finally started it went full on potato graphics and it was loading at 1 fps for like a solid minute- minutes and a half, even after landing. i also experienced a big drop of fps and lag when attempting to open setting menu when i was in game, so i soon as it half managed to load i went out and just decided to attempt to play.
it was mostly a good experience, picking items and open doors still feels a big laggy and unnatural. I know that may sound picky, but this is pre-beta so it may be something to consider along the road to improve the overall movement experience. Also when playing i was surprised to discover wolves were a thing, specially when one just attacked mea nd appeared in front of me out of nowhere from the direction i was looking at, almost like it was invicible and once it started attacking me it decided to become visible lol. so i feel like that was a glitch. Lastly, i found the way the map reduces in size to be different from other games, it was a tad odd but also appreciated at the same time, keeps you moving throughout the map. One complain i have with it though, i dont know if its actually meant to be like that, but i had no previous warning as to which zones would start damaging me and which ones would be safe. there would be a countdown but it wouldnt say if i was gonna be in an radioactive area or not, which is how i died more than once. basically i never knew where to go to stay within the safe bounds.
lastly, once i died the game once again became extremely laggy, it wouldnt respond properly so i had to forcefully shut it.
Hope this feedback helps in any way.
The current state of the game is still somewhat unplayable and i think the decision to pushback the early access date was the right one. As it stands now, it would hurt the brand your trying to create.