Change the minimum system requirements

Dear Developers,
Please change the minimum system requirements above
CPU: I5 4590 3.9GHZ,
RAM : 8Gb ,
GPU: R7 260x 2gb OC

Because i have this setup and with the lowest possible settings the game have huge performance issues. So just to inform the future players with a slightly accurate system requirements.

Thank you.

Its Unreal Engine Mate.... Thats the lowest Specs you can get for this Game. And lets be serious.... its no wonder that you got bad performance... the r7 260x is an old graphic card. Already back in the Day where is released it was a budged card.

I know it's not a top class graphics card but hey i managed to play with this card MUCH bigger games than this but thats not the important think. I just wrote this because if they read this suggestion maybe they change the minimum system requirements to a R9/GTX 970 4gb series and there should be players like me can be informed before buying the game.
To tell the truth I was a bit dissapointed when i saw the minimum system requirements and i tought oh i meet the minimum so probably i will get a massive 30fps or so but bumm 50-60FPS when i land but after i start moving or anything drops down to 5-15FPS and stays that way.

Did you check on your RAM usage? Most of the un-optimized games such as Alpha, Beta, Early Access are huge RAM-eaters like back in the day when PUBG came out, it was eating me 12-17GB of RAM until they fixed it. I havent really check how much this game eats but honestly, 8GB is very low for nowdays games. Your GPU is enough for this game on low specs.

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Checked it with MSI but the RAM usage is seems like normal to me eating about 5-6gb os RAM like any other games do on my PC

Hi! Actually it's not a ram problem, I have 8 ram and a lower cpu (i3 4130) but with a GTX 1050 ti and I manage 40-60 fps at 1600 x 900 resolution at low settings

Hi. Yeah i know this game requires much bigger GPU than a R7 260/x 2Gb