The game was played on notebook Asus UX303L.

  • During the first game launch (app launch) all the options boxes to click (which are hidden by Play, Customize, etc.) were moved a bit upwards to the right.
    Restart of the app helped to solve the problem.

  • Car riding was impossible - you were always pushed back (like a bad connection with a server, high ping).

  • A long game search.

  • With a medium configuration in graphics I literally saw the loading of the map during the helicopter dismounting.

  • A freeze between pushing a button to dismount and the process itself.

  • A handgun Fort 17, the texture was glitching. 2 variants:
    -a gun was literally in a hand
    -a hand was holding an invisible handgun (shooting didtn't work)

  • A very long switch between players in the Spectator mode.

  • A cursor was missing after voting for a weather. It was impossible to close the voting window.

  • In several places some objects were floating (stones, boxes).

Thank you the Vostok Games team and the whole Focus Home Interactive for the opportunity to test the current build of the game. Hope the stated above bugs will help you to fix the game thus you will manage to launch it successfully 😁

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