(PS4) NG+4 Gear Assembly Crash

In every NG cycle, the limit to which equipment can be upgraded goes up by 5

The upgrade path is linear and goes like "Mk. I > Mk. II > Mk. III > Mk. IV > Mk. V" and so on. Mk. I to IV require upgrade materials that also go from I to IV, and a special upgrade material called a "Nanocore" to upgrade to Mk. V.

NG cycles increase the upgrade threshold by 5 up to a maximum of Mk. XX in NG+3.

Because the game only allows equipment to be upgraded to Mk. XX in NG+3, there logically shouldn't be a reason for upgrades to go any higher. However, in NG+4 and up, it seems the game is attempting to increase the upgrade threshold (this can be seen in various Mk. 21 to 24 component drops as well as the schematics being increased to Mk. 21 to 24 in the "Crafting" tab of the Gear Assembly), and this causes the game to immediately crash when attempting to enter the "Upgrade" tab of the Gear Assembly.

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Hi, thanks for the report. This issue only occurs in NG+4 and beyond. We're working on a fix and will release it as soon as possible. Sorry about that!

Any update on this fix? I'm having trouble progressing because I can't upgrade my gear.

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@leukodystrophy said in (PS4) NG+4 Gear Assembly Crash:

Any update on this fix? I'm having trouble progressing because I can't upgrade my gear.

We have a first version of the patch and it's being tested right now. As soon as it's approved by our QA team, it will be sent in approval to Sony and Microsoft to be released shortly on consoles. The whole process might take a week. I would advise you to play in NG to NG+3 for now.

Nice, at least this is being fixed. I just got to NG++++ and I was wondering why my game kept crashing. I heard the limit to upgrades was XX, but then I started seeing Mk. 23 parts dropping.

I'm curious however to know, how will this be resolved?

Will items only go up to XX, or will a new cap be put in?

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