Missing Audiolog in Walk in the Park

The first "Recovered Personal Voicemail" that is supposed to be located inside the Medbay in CREO World, is missing on one of my saves, preventing me from getting the "Good Listener" trophy. This save file started the DLC on NG++, once I realized it was bugged I made my way through to NG+++, but it is still missing. Nothing seems to get it back on this save, which is a shame.

However, I have a NG save file as well, I found it on this playthrough. Hoping to unlock the trophy on this playthrough but need to make my way through R&D again first.

I do not know what triggered it to go missing on NG++. Let me know if you find a fix for it.

Hi there!

Have you beaten the boss in that area, or do you still need to do so? It should trigger once you've killed that boss.

I did in NG++ and it was missing. I haven't defeated Helvig on NG+++, will see if it reappears when I do.

It showed up on my NG+++, so I finally got the trophy. However, like I said it did go missing in NG++, where I had killed both Helvig and Carbon Cat.

Yeah, we're still looking into why it didn't appear in NG++, but I'm glad you were able to get the trophy in the end.

Thanks for letting us know!