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    Hey everyone!

    I'm the new communications manager at Rogue Factor- just dropping in to say hello. We don't have anything new to say about the game, but I want you all to know that I'm here and around. :slight_smile:

  • Hey, good to hear - while there's not that many people around here yet (lots of lurkers though), the level of enthusiasm is high so I think I speak for everyone when I say we're waiting with bated breath* for news.

    *okay not really, the whole bated breath thing tends to lead to unfortunate events like suffocating before getting to play and such

  • Rogue Factor Team

    @Mekelan Okay don't do that! :stuck_out_tongue:

    News will come in due time... Good thing there's a speculation thread to keep us all busy!

  • Good to see that there is someone from the team here :)

    It would be great to see anything along the lines of material relating to the games development, heck even concept art would help to muster up additional interest.

    Necro has such a strong and healthy following to this day in the tabletop gaming scene, that generating good amounts of footfall with even trickle-fed information would help with getting more and more into it.

    Looking forward to what is to come!

  • Rogue Factor Team

    @NaloaC One day but not yet! A lot of what I'm doing right now is getting settled in so that we will be able to release good information and content when the time is right.

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