Word filter issues

I can understand why you might want to filter out obvious expletives like f**k and so on, but the filter has some strange words in it. I've run across some odd instances where it has picked up on parts of a name and very mild versions of "dirty" language. But the latest example takes the cake.

In the OCC, we've been naming our competitions by season (S1, S2, etc.). We have to recreate them every season for the stats to work and it's easier to identify them that way. But this season, that won't work, because apparently, S5 is some obscure reference to a person's anus.

That's just silly.

I will work around this, but it's the kind of frustration that I'd rather not be dealing with.

I like this idea.
I want to be able to have a team called Glorious Domination!

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