Wolves are too OP

Yeah wolves were only recently made aggressive and it suits them but I was walking through the woods (which wasn't in the red zone) and a wolf came behind me and attacked me, he got 90% of my health before i could turn around and managed to only shoot one bullet out of my SMG before i died. Maybe you should add wolf footstep sounds as well as a howl sound the moment it spots you or make it hop on you for a bite which can only be prevented by mashing a button.
In any case, nerfing the attack rate or damage is a must

Yea they need to debuff them. I died so much times because wolfs are coming behind me and attacking and i didnt heard them.

@razor98 said in Wolves are too OP:

Yea they need to debuff them. I died so much times because wolfs are coming behind me and attacking and i didnt heard them.

Yes, you need a nerf. Nps. because they do not have a sound. it is more difficult to refresh them.
at the time you can nerfit. but when the developers make a sound. you can again make them strong.

I totally agree on adding the howl sound and footsteps too, however, you died only because you freaked out the moment they jumped you. The trick is to keep sprinting. They can NEVER do any damage to you while you on sprint. It is kind of a way to out-trick them. Just keep sprinting in one direction, then turn around and shoot. If its more of them, repeat the trick. Easy. Hopefully they fix them soon so we cannot easily out-trick them again and they will become a threat one day.

You are welcome.

well if theyre going the realistic route the howling maybe alittle much now as far as the footsteps of the wolves I agree but not as loud as player steps a little faint but still alert able

I wouldnt mind a grab/tug at the clothing and if you dont react to it they get to chomp on you for a big bite.

when in packs they should be able to nip at you and have one grow a pair to go for the jugular shot.

so far they just plow through straight at you like the aliens colonial marines

I'm actually ok with the wolves. The step noise is a known bug, in previous versions of the beta their step sounds were working just fine and you could hear them coming. Also, wolves are natural hunters, if you think about real wolves they know how to hide their presence and not make sounds when hunting their pray. But again, it's a bug, they do make noise or are intended to make noises.

As for movement, aggressiveness, damage, behavior, AI I think they are working just fine, could even be buffed.

If they are too easy it'd be pointless and the wolves are one of the key features of the game (even in the name), with that said I'd expect players to die for the wolves constantly.

I'm used to playing games that you need high surround awareness (like Escape From Tarkov) so for me I could say they are very easy to avoid and kill. If I'd give any feedback I'd actually ask for them to be buffed like I said earlier lol.

Hello man love your comments, you really try to make game better.
I have to say that wolves are great hunters and they carry about sound when they approaches another animal. So when you add footsteps sound to the animals, take this seriously maybe only when they sprint your can ear from relative close distance and only add the noise off the vegetation around if the running in grass only real footsteps in roads. When this boys walks slow and a little less tall that I see in videos I'm agree on no add sound, the same as vegetation and wind makes. And maybe some tall vegetation that allways moves to think there's wolves inside anytime you cross will be scary.
After all the game name is fear the wolves, there are true radioactive ones (there's sad but this really exists on chernovil) so I really think the wolves have to make sound as any animal but not as and idiot human that only can move quiet at really low speed in the grass. So for me it's not a problem overpowered wolves and extremely quiet ones when they hunt.

After got owned in my first today´s match (my fists vs guy´s...uzi or m4a1,idk) i was spectating players as it comes,loading at swapping way better then when the game started in beta,but the wolves...they guy i was spectating as last got owned by a Wolf as it jumped on him finishing him,making making growly sound just as was making the fatality,no steps,growling,anything prior to the second when he guy couldnt do anything about it at all.couldnt get into more spectating past that moment as a screen oppped up that someone got evaced.

It scares you a lot when a wolf attacks you from behind... Make something to that. Once I was in middle of a fight and a wolf came to attack me and I died to it. I just wanted a fair fight with the guy who was shooting at me. And that's not all what I've also experienced. In those orange zones where is usually 3 wolves at same time. If u suddenly land next to them, I guaranteed that you'll get killed by wolves before you can find a gun...