End of the match.

At the end you need to get to the evacuation point to "Win/Survive"

A lot of player are camping to the helicopter to kill everyone,

But as all players do the same method. that means that the end of the match is 30 minutes instead of a fast end with PVP, instead players are all waitings for someone to approach the helicopter.

So i maybe thinking that you can add a kind of "wall" like in pubg where you got like 3 minute to get into the helicopter.

You obviously never get too far in the end zone. If you are, you would have known that even the last zone with helicopter gets infected with radiation and only those with antirads and oxygen tanks will survive. The best anti-radiation-geared player can camp the longest yes. Rest of the players are forced to move and climb/kill others to win the game, otherwise they will die to radiation.

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