Tactical Vs Chaplain

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Tactical vs Chaplain posts below 😉

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To firmly place the Tactical apart from the Chaplain, I'd give the Tactical exclusive use to a DMR type weapon option - scoped? single shot, slower firing, armour piercing...like the Stalker Bolter in Space Marine video game. A dedicated 'sniper' or 'battle rifle' option would be good imo.
Ps. Heavies could have an ability that give u 3x mines. Cheers!

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Hi Kommodore. the problem of your requirment would be concerning the lore. Terminators don't use DMR/sniper weapons. About the scope, the EE will grant us differents types to unlock.

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If it's not viable, I'd suggest that: the Tactical gets the Hellfire instead of MK2 Bolter, to make him different to Chaplain's Loadout.
Cheers Brother.

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The Tactical's Combat Drone seems lame and rather ineffectual imo.
Maybe instead:

  • simultaneously summon a Combat Drone for EACH individual squad member.
    Or just have teleported Sentry Gun to guard hallways etc.. (obvious suggestion).
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Tactical vs Chaplain -
If devs aren't considering more than 3 skills per class, i.e. 6+ skills you chop n change, then:

  • maybe make Tactical's 'Reinforcements' skill instantly replenish respawned squad member's skill(s) rather than waiting for cooldowns (Apologies if this already happens- I can't clarify).

This seems logical, because he calls in a new brother (not bringing back from the dead like Chaplain).
Therefore, the new brother wouldn't need to wait for cooldowns.
However, this skill amendment could negatively affect the difficulty of the game, so it might not work at all! Cheers!

Update: maybe NOT logically viable, because usual respawns are supposed to be fresh troops aswell and they (as far as I'm aware) have to wait for their skills to refresh. C'est la vie!

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Tactical Choice that'll make it Special Weapons And Tactics 😉
Add the 'Cyclone Missile Launcher' with frag missiles, which I'm sure many have suggested.

But a Tactical should have Special Weapons/tactical gadgets at his disposal, and Crowd Control is something a tactical is likely to do,

  • Missiles can be long-range and closer range, tho AOE of course.
    The reload time would take a while, so i don't think it'd be OTT.
    It would just be a fun exclusive addition that makes the Tactical different to other classes, so he isn't just support but can significantly offensively change the war zone too. And destroy long range targets.

It may not be consistent to lore, but surely if Terminators found a hulk with vast open spaces and nasty hybrids n turrets in high far off places they might think to put on their Cyclone Missile Launcher. It looks like he can get though the doors with it on..

  • Have a red indicator to inform weapon status (exactly like buff indicators like Healing etc.) in the top left corner of screen - saying: Reloading.../and/or Missiles Ready!
  • You DONT need to see an ammo counter gradually refilling.

I'd rather it was a Weapon choice NOT a Skill! e.g. accompanying Drone at Level 4.

  • You could use Occulobe and aim crosshairs on 1-6 targets which would be highlighted by red vector squares - much like Titanfall 2 multiple heatseeker missile ability, and in Destiny 2 when u use the Tank which locks on to one or more targets and fires a volley of homing missiles.
  • You can still fire Bolters whilst in ADS and Tagging enemies, because u press another key: like pushing UP on Dpad whilst in ADS to fire Cyclone Missiles.

Bolter type guns ONLY when using Cyclone rack.

Like IRL '24th Special Tactics Squad' you could have a mission named 'Operation Gothic Serpent' 🙂

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