Error or possible restart bug level 1

Greetings to the company. I write to report an error to a partner that occurred during a multijudor game. The error that he perceived was that while forming a loby the player lost the options of choosing the inmterface menu and when the game was over he was reset your level to 1, losing everything unlockable you had tconseguido.Para some help. Thanks

Thank you for reporting. We will need more details to understand what happened:

  • are you playing on PC or PS4?
  • was your friend hosting the game?
  • what interface menu are you referring to? The map, difficulty and class selection?
  • did it happen just once or is it reproducible?
  • when you talk about level 1, is it the class level from Codex Rules or the level that's displayed above your head in multiplayer?

If you are playing on PC, could you please:

  • press Windows⊞ + R
  • go to %localAppdata%\SpaceHulkEnhanced\Saved\SaveGames
  • find all the .sav files whose name begins with "aa_" and "bck_aa_"
  • upload them on a cloud storage service (Google Drive, Dropbox, etc)
  • post the link(s) here