PLEASE improve the chat system

I know that thread has been done several times
But please give some love to the chat system . It is an important component of the online community and an essential tool to newcomers and to keep the game alive too . Here a few bullet points i would suggest ( or repeat from previous threads) :

  • get a time stamp (date if the threads stay for a few days , and time )
  • make a side chat window on the menu screen ( with an option to make it disappear for the peope who do not want anything to do with it )
  • bring back the mail system
  • allow us to click on people name to have private chats ( again from previous version)
  • allow a block mode
  • a window to see which leagues a are populated and subsequently who is spinning in the same league you are spinning

Being able to set up league matches in the client would definitely be a boon. Not sure what purpose the current in-game chat fulfills