Hello, i played alrdy only 5 matches. I really like the game but the optimalisation is terrible. On my 1050ti 4gb 16 ram and i7 7700 on low- medium i have 35 - 55 fps. Even on pubg on medium - high i had arround 80 fps.
I see the way this game is going to amd i like it BUT if you want a big piece of cake from battle royal you should make the game free to play and find some solution of microtransactions like battle pass, skins for guns or sth. All people who were dissapoinment of pubg moved to forninte. Not everyone likes candy graphic ( me also) and a lot of peoplr aare waiting for good fpp battle royal. I think if you will make a game buy to play and put the game on early access in this conditions you will now found a lot of players. Everyone will wait till its full game. Noone want to take a risk anymore.

Ok, now few suggestion:

  1. Fix sound of walking and driving ( i am keep thining that the footsteps is enemy- not me, and its difficult to hear the cars)
  2. Make more visible planes in fog/rain ( i cant see it even if i am under plane)
  3. More guns in smaller camps
  4. Add more guns ( snipe, bow etc..)
  5. Make a bit smaller map or make it round ( noone is landing in corners anyway)
  6. Make notification when helicopter is comming and you can make counter like 2min to landing.
  7. Make a possibility to lean from the corner with q/e
  8. I think the wolves are just just comming from random spots - make some groups of wolves waiting in the forest
  9. Make a possibility to find wood and make a fireplace to heal.

I think its all. I ll post in few days if i ll find sth more.