Mesh/Texture Cache ?'s...
  • i see some talk on Clearing the 'caches'. If i do won't all the info for these, Maps/Mods be erased? Making those items be not available when i go to use the chosen Map/Mod?
  • Are there Pros/Cons to doing this?
  • If they should be cleared, do i just delete the info? Or, should i use the Cache Cleaner Mod?
    many thanks, Rufus
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personally i say do it manually. it is easy enough. mudrunner cache is located in the same AppData folder as the original game was. go into that mudrunner folder and delete the game save file in the user folder. this is the game save file. yes the rest if deleted can delete your overall game progress (i made this mistake and lost all progression and had to unlock my maps and trucks again) and your saved settings. if i understand correctly you can set the clear cache mod up so it only deletes the game save and not the rest of your files, but i have always preferred to just do things manually myself.

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