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This is a sim. I don't spend a lot of time on the farm sim boards but racing in mudrunner is about as suitable as asking for vehicular combat in farm17.

I'm not denying, in OldTires while trucks were limited to 30 km/h, it has fun makeshift rally races. It was not about "how fast you driving trucks", but "how good are you at keeping up speed/momentum" or "how long you will stay on those 200 L". And when loaded "blue crap" B130 is outrunning your empty 4320 or 255 this was treated as offensive as flipping bird at you.

In MR that not the case, because of revamped muds and dirts and also revamped truck's performance. But still - getting anywhere on pre-ridge 968m was an achievement on it's own. I've got once this chat:

— (me, upon meeting another player from woods) I've came to cheer up on you!
— (co-op player, struggling on C-tier truck on soft as mash road) - you and your f'ng car...

So, when I feeling like it, I'm "racing" as in "trying to outrun" on weaker vehicles or under heavier loads.

So it's Saturday. Guess there's no update coming this week.

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What about further drawing distance?

We need this!

We are used to waiting for this game (Since ever)

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@deathcoreboy1 said in Mudrunner USA:

What about further drawing distance?

We need this!

Yes! Actually is one of the major flaws of the game. I could live with "almost" everything else.

so.... update today?!

"Yes, this is real - I'll have more information on it in the community update next week, and even more in the coming months." <- 20th of july

Of course not - it‘s sunday
And the forum is abonded from Focus on the weekends

Well pardon them for not working weekends... 🙄

I bet that we will not see any pictures.

Exactly grub. My Deuce is purposely underpowered. I turned the fuel DOWN for longevity motor will last forever if it’s not operating at maximum capacity. My truck barely rolls coal, but in the mechanic world there’s a saying “If it smokes, it’s broke”

@alpscruiser well iyagovos has to bring out the update tomorrow or Tuesday then. I thought he was gonna give it to us early seeing as how last month was a community showcase thing, but for PC only.

Just started up my deuce, heading down to the beach today

may it be today???? Oh boy, I hope it worth the agony 😛

It won’t be today, unfortunately.

That's also my guess

Hi all,

The community update is planned for tomorrow, currently.

Good to hear, i look forward to whatever you've got to show us, @Iyagovos

@deathcoreboy1 I´m not that confident at all. But ready for a surprise