Mudrunner USA

@orlando-boom yay!!!! hahahha!! nice pic dude!!!


Hey, I like the suggestion, but it's something that's a little more tricky when we're working with licensed vehicles, because we can only show what has been approved to show by the manufacturers.

Knowing that you all would like to see in-progress images is something I've known for a while, but it's something that I'm wary to do. I'll explore it for the next update, but I can't make any promises.

@iyagovos It's nice to see you listen bro. Thank you!!! 😉

@iyagovos you understand friend, just ask for more information about the monthly update, photos of videos etc, this keeps the discussion here in the forum, makes the game stay alive😊👍

@iyagovos the key word is, but information freedom of work content, transparency in the development of the game, as well as given in the other game of focus☺

sorry about my English..

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@fabio-brasil Hey, don't push the guy so hard! Remember they must be under NDAs with trucks manufacturers. I'm sure he'll do what he can. We've said enough on this topic to the poor guy 😛
Let's just wait for the next month update and see...

in the meantime, you might want to check this out 😉
Youtube Video

@deathcoreboy1 Ok I relax a little playing spinrres mudrunner😛✌

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@trappedunderice I can't give any hints at the moment, but I can say that Western Star isn't the only licensed vehicle coming in American Wilds.

very nice to hear. side note, not even ATS has gotten Wester Star yet. so awesome to have them on board. 👍🏼

how much will it cost

Hi. For just two small 1x1 km maps and two-three ordinary vehicles: wheeled trucks and jeeps, I can pay 2-3 euro.
However, I can pay more for good content and major improvements such as snow, tracked vehicles, career mode and so on.

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How much are you ready to pay happily?

I paid 40$ canadian for the game just after release, destroyed the content in a few days, and continued to play for about sixty hours. After the valley i continued to play off and on but that dlc only got another ten hours for me. The ridge tho... the addition of the b6a had me redoing every map, blazing new ditches to places i'd never been. I paid less attention to my time since the b6a because that little thing pushed the game past my caring about value. It was good before, but that little blue tractor is to mudrunner as sandahl bergman is to 1980's fantasy action.

So name your price, i sincerely owe you one.

Edit: for comparison i usually judge all by monster hunter. The psp and 3ds releases kept me going for more than 1000 hours per title. Mudrunner will not likely hit those numbers, but i don't think it will leave me with an empty feeling when i do put it down.

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I'll gladly pay $10 USD for 2 maps and 3-4 new vehicles, I usually try to find the most difficult way to complete it, (K700 log loader here, cranes are for sissies) if it takes me 5 -15 hrs to get my 1 star rating between both maps, I'll be very happy, plus tons of hrs in multiplayer too! I also will definitely be buying the American wilds switch version too!! Can't wait to have mudrunner wherever I go.

For only 2 maps and a couple of trucks maybe 2-3€, if more content like new game modes and such, 5-10€.

i think depending on whats all on the dlc i mean the hole point is to make the community happy so if their are good things on it i mean you could sell this for 15 and then you could do things where you get people to pay for vehicles at 99 cents for 2 cars and you could use that money to better the game make people pay 2.99 usd for maps

How much are you ready to pay happily?

1.) for 2 maps and 2-3 vehicles i'm ready to pay 3-4 €!
2.) but for tracked vehicles, dynamic weather system, snow, , soil, career mode, mirrors ,truck customization, better truck interior ,new tasks to do, i'm ready to pay 15-20 €!

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@sanyec I agree with you. For such things I could also pay more, because it would almost be like a new game.

Dynamic weather is there... the devs should only accept that... snow is on the way... tracks is on the way... uhd overhaul is
On the way... the devs should only talk to draconus... and all the problems are solved

I am afraid that will not happen, more precisely, that will not happen with DLC. Hopefully with DLC Devs will make some profit and then they will provide some major update, because I see same wishes again and again, but DLC is likely to be like previous ones: trucks, maps, objects, textures or so, I don't expect major game changes like tracked vehicles (despite I wish for them SO much!)