Cannot load mod maps all of a sudden.

Suddenly I cannot load modded maps.

I downloaded old objects to test if they worked and they did not, so I removed everything and started from scratch.

I started up a map and put the .stg and .dds inside Media>levels along with classes, meshes and textures inside the Media folder as I am using Spun and NIx's rocks, keeps saying it is old/broken?

No idea what is going on now and even a map I downloaded without the rocks will not load.

What on earth is going on?

Edit: Putting the dds and stg into loads perfectly. Hmm.

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You didn't do anything to tour config.xnl, did you?

No, I have not touched the config. I made a small map and it loads now, but only in the ZIP, not in the Media folder. Just worried if I release it when done, will others have this issue?

Use JSGME, there is a video about it on the forums somewhere.. You can edit the Config.xml file to also read a folder named Media and do it the old fashioned way.

@digital-x Everytime there is a patch, it creates a new xml file. Go fix it again and it will work.

JSGME is doing sod all, how do I need to edit the XML? I'm getting so frustrated wtih this...

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