Potential Slaanesh roster for Chaos Edition

Warriors of Slaanesh 0-4 6-4-3-8 G M A - S P access 100k
Slaanesh Cultists 0-16 7-3-3-7 G M A - S P access 50k
Daemonettes 0-2 7-3-4-7 claw - dodge - regen G M A - S P access 120k
Not sure if this follows the right pricing formula or if their skill access is too onesided but I would love to get feedback for potential improvements to the roster

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@darkson Thanks, bit of a shame that Vampires are the only exception to the rule regarding str4 agi4 being on the same team

I'd go with something like

0-16 Cultists 6-3-3-7 GM - ASP 40K
0-4 Slaangors 6-3-3-8 horns GSM - AP 60K
0-4 Daemonettes 8-3-4-7 claw - regen GMAP - S 120K