Blood Bowl Lore?

Hello everyone. I've heard multiple things about Blood Bowl being set in a parody of the Warhammer universe. I'm wondering what specifics we have or can extrapolate, though. I'd like to have a go at writing fanfiction, but I'd like to know:

  1. The diplomatic status of this world (are the countries at war or at peace?)
  2. The importance of Blood Bowl in this world
  3. Some details about Nuffle
  4. When Blood Bowl is set (which era of Warhammer's history?)

And anything else you can tell me. I greatly appreciate it!

  1. Countries are no more friendly than they are in the WH universe, but Blood Bowl has mostly taken the place of wars.
  2. See #1! 😉 Most of the technological/magical advances are towards BB as well (Cabalvision for example).
  4. It is (was) set in the same era as the WFB game, but with it's obvious differences.

Back in 2nd/3rd edition, when GW worried about such things, the winners of the Majors (Blood Bowl, Chaos Cup, Spike and Dungeonbowl) were all set in the real year+500 (so in 2007 it was 2507 in the game). Some of the winners listed in the fluff, from 2503 (so 2003 in the real world) are real tabletop tournament teams that won the GW-run Blood Bowl tournaments.

You can find the lore in the rulebook (starting p.35)

As a relic of the origins of the Warhammer lore, Blood Bowl doesn't care much about countries and diplomacy. This is a game about iconic fantasy races hitting each other in the face.

So most events are related to Blood Bowl itself, its rules, its teams and its players, often under the form of anecdotes and quotes.

Just like Warhammer Battles used to be, it's sometimes quite inconsistent, which allowed the use of fun races or gimmicks which mostly disappeared from Warhammer Battles, like halflings, chainsaws and a whole lot of anachronisms.

A good testimony of this evolution is the unwillingness of GW to allow the Slann team in BB because it goes against the current design of that race. In the same way, Amazons used to have a Unicorn BG and you could also decapitate players with your chainsaw, play with their head, and score with it to get a RR.

Blood Bowl's lore and rules have become more standardised with time and the success of a more "serious" approach to the game, but its tier system and some specific players or starplayers are testimonies of a much more chaotic past.

This is way it is often considered that in the world of Blood Bowl, there's only Blood Bowl and what matters are only things directly related to BB. BB can cause epidemics, wars, massacres etc. but not the other way around.

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You might also find this site helpful, though it's no longer updated.

Thanks for this! I noticed the Famous Teams PDF has some lore, too, so I assume there's probably a ton out there if I can track it down.

If you haven't already, download the LRB6 rulebook (might be called the Icepelt Rulebook in some places) - this has a lot of the fluff that GW removed for the CRP.

Example download link: but there are many others.

@indiana-bones said in Blood Bowl Lore?:

you could also decapitate players with your chainsaw, play with their head, and score with it to get a RR

Now you wait, what could be the reason of removing this precious gem from the game?

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