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Awesome looking ZJ man! Tahoe not too bad either just not my cup of tea 😛
Keep up the good work mate!

@WrenchinMonkey Oh wow, have you started making vehicles too? That's awesome! After watching Nix's tutorial I am well underway making my own map!

Tahoe looks badass! Can't wait for that to release!
Got the map making down to a science, now you're going to start doing trucks too, eh?

Sweet. I like the zj.

You holding out on me bro? lol That ZJ is sick looking man...Nice Work.

@wrenchinmonkey, Sweet. I like the Chevy's. Thanks.

@smaronenine said in WrenchinMonkeys Workshop:

You holding out on me bro? lol That ZJ is sick looking man...Nice Work.

Never man...you know your more than welcome to test bro..just say the word

how'd i miss this? sick trucks Jay. loving the look of that XJ.

The Few will be released for Mudrunner on Spintires.NL
alt text
alt text

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oh my, yes!

Yeah Spun. All you guys mods are looking a lot better since you started using Substance Paint. I think they look great. Can't wait to try em out. I'm more a Chevy fan but that ford looks sweet.

Oops, sorry man. Wrong thread. Nice map.

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cant wait for the map please give it us

Its a Great Map Man! Thanks For Sharing!

Awesome man! You are very talented, dude! Thank you.

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yesss ! thankyou and thanks for all the hard work you guys put in ... Focus owe you a pint for keeping this game alive

how do we get this working with the media folder trick ?

killer map i played it all night thanks man

Nice map but I tried to convert all the models so it didn't have to do it in game and there are so many errors with too many of them. It took so long just to get them all to load in the editor, I gave up. lol. A lot of /'s in the texture names of many of spun's models too.

@tattoo If they work fine though....why would you "convert" them?

@motohead74 no problem man...im glad you guys like it...thanks for playing

@wrenchinmonkey The thing that impresses me the most is the way it is challenging but not impossible, now I know how much skill it takes to do it, and you have it!

i tested it on single player brought back so many memories 🙂

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