BB2 flickering after windows 10 update

Windows 10 updated today, I and two other people I know have experienced flickering on the screen in BB2 since the update. It's kind of unplayable at the moment and have league games to play. Would appreciate it if you could look into it.

Focus Team

Please reset the graphics settings:

  1. Open 'Windows Explorer' or 'File Explorer' from the taskbar.
  2. Open 'Documents' then the folder 'BloodBowl2'.
  3. Delete the file 'Config' (Config.xml).
  4. Run the game.

Thank you very much for your quick reply. That has sorted it! 🙂

Or maybe not. It reset bb2 to the windowed mode, when I reset it to the resolution of my laptop display it went full screen but the flickering returned. So it seems I can't play the game in full screen any more

Played around with it and it is fine with any resolution apart from 1920-1080 which is my recommended screen resolution

Focus Team

There are only two display modes available on the PC version of Blood Bowl 2:
Fullscreen Windowed (Borderless) and Windowed.

The Fullscreen parameter in the Config.xml file has no effect when you set it to 1.

It seems to be a refresh rate issue in your case.
Run BB2 and set the resolution to 1920x1080.
Save and quit the game.

Edit the Config.xml file with a text editor (Notepad...) and check the Frequency value.
If the value is higher than 60 then replace the current value by 60:


Save then test.

Hi tried that. Didn't have any noticable effect. Out of interest I tried lower and higher frequency rates as well and nothing changed.

It is fine when nothing is moving on screen but any movement or animation and it flickers annoyingly.

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@bobbybintang I think I have a solution to this vertical tear issue after the last Win10 update.

  1. Go to your BB2 folder and find BloodBowl2_DX_32.exe
  2. Right click and go to 'Properties -> Compatibility'
  3. Find a new box 'Disable fullscreen optimization' (closer to the bottom) and tick it.
  4. Enjoy your BB2 without refresh rate problems.

I'm having the same issues with my BBLE as well the screen flickers when you the pre match sequence and it runs very slow now since the windows 10 update.

yeah when I delete the config file from the BB2 file and then delete it from the recycle bin, it comes back when I go to start BB2LE. I don't get it.

Focus Team

The Config.xml file is automatically generated by the game.
If the game runs slowly and you have an Intel processor, you need to install Intel Management Engine Components.
Intel Management Engine Components can be installed from Windows Update.
Open Settings > Windows Update > Check for updates.

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did that and windows says everything is up to date.

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