Crash when minimiznig

This has been a common problem for some time. If you minimize the game, there is a big chance that it will crash and restart, and is pretty annoying, some times you can even get a corrupt save.

Community Manager

Hi there!

Are you seeing this crash when you alt-tab out of the game as well? What was the most recent patch you downloaded?

Yes, when I said minimizing i meant alt tab. it happens with the last patch and every patch I have tried since the release.

Community Manager

At what point in the game are you alt-tabbing? Is it all the time?

Yes. For example yesterday i was testing some stuff in proving grounds. I played 2 min, alt tabbed and it restarted. Im not sure if its a full crash or not because its seems like the game crashes but then starts again directly in the main menu.

I think it is a common problem, at least for what I read, so it should be really easy to test... Just play the game and alt tab.

Community Manager

Are you playing with mods, at all?

I have some installed but I havent used them. It also happened when I wasnt using them.

Why do you ask me so much? Doesnt it happen with your game too?

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