Can't log into the game.

Ever since a very bumpy match yesterday, I cannot login to the game. After the match finished, it looked like the game was struggling to connect to the server and give me the post-match results. After some minutes I alt+F4'd to close it. After that, it gets stuck when I open it, saying "waiting for answer from server". After a while it says "Internal Server Error". Please help. I run a league and play in some others, and I can´t even open the game.

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Hi Lembocha, you're on PC right?

Could you delete the file "Recent.xml" in Documents\BloodBowl2\Profiles and try again?

We'd be very interested to have your logs as well, if it doesn't work. Those files are located at Documents\BloodBowl2\ and have the .dmp, .log, .xml and .bbr extension.

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It fixed itself apparently! The forums tell me the log is too long to post (max characters 32.000).

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