Walk in the park PS4. Large trap area, unable to escape. 90+ hours playthrough.

When first entering the park there is a bridge with a 'welcome' sign and a 'day you won't forget' written on it. You can cross this bridge later, as you cross this bridge there's a small garden area you can drop down into from the bridge. You are now directly below and to the left of the welcome sign. Once you are in this area you can not escape. Please help!!!!

Community Manager

Hi, have you tried to jump to get out? You simply run + press Left joystick.

If you still can't escape, you can use the kill switch to die and respawn. Press 'LB', 'LT', 'RB', 'RT', 'LS' and 'RS' at the same time, 'F4' is the default binding on the keyboard.

Yes, tried jumping. Suiciding worked. Thanks!

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