TV 500 matchmaking rule


I am sure that there are many thoughts on the TV500 max differential for matchmaking rule.

My comment is not WRT random matchmaking leagues... but rather for closed systems like a group dedicated open league. I would think it a great option when creating such a league to be able to either set the max TV differential, or else remove it.

To give an example in case the above isn't clear.
Say a group makes an open league where players can organise matches against others in this open league whenever they want a game (we have such with 10-20 teams for example). Two players decide to play... and they spin at the same time. (sure it would be good to invite another team specifically in such a league). Anyway, if you choose... you should be allowed to play uphill at whatever tv...

BB2 Champion Ladder Admin Team

Totally agree that it doesn't help smaller mm leagues. What would be really ideal for such places is a challenge system whereby coaches can simply challenge each other to matches.

@dode74 Yep... nice idea... and if TV was irrelevant for such... you would have an alternative solution... nice one!

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